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Akita Inu

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Described by the AKC as “Courageous, Dignified, and Profoundly Loyal,” the Akita Inu is a graceful dog breed. These majestic dogs exude an aura of confidence and fear nothing. With their intelligence, they are well-prepared to tackle any situation. The Akita Inu is often regarded as a symbol of longevity and happiness. With numerous fascinating facts about this breed, we have compiled an informative list highlighting their unique attributes.

1. Akita Inu Is considered National Treasure in Japan

Akita Inu

Akita Inu holds a special place in the hearts of the Japanese people as it is considered a national treasure in Japan. This prestigious designation is not easily bestowed upon any breed, highlighting the exceptional qualities of the Akita Inu. Revered and respected, these dogs have gained immense popularity and admiration throughout Japanese society.

During the Classical period, the ownership of Akita Inu was limited to individuals with royal lineage. Even many nobles were unable to keep these esteemed dogs as pets, further enhancing their status and exclusivity. The Akita Inu‘s association with the Royal household elevated their position to that of true royalty.

The significance of this breed goes beyond their regal history. They hold profound symbolic value in Japanese culture. It is customary to gift a statue of an Akita Inu to every newborn, symbolizing a wish for happiness and long life. This tradition highlights the deep-rooted belief in the positive attributes and blessings that Akita Inu represents.

The admiration and reverence for the Akita Inu as a national treasure reflect their exceptional qualities and the impact they have had on Japanese society. Their loyalty, courage, and dignified nature have captured the hearts of the Japanese people, making them a beloved and cherished breed.

The status of being a national treasure in Japan is a testament to the extraordinary nature of the Akita Inu and their significant cultural and historical importance. It is a reflection of their enduring legacy and the admiration they continue to inspire in people around the world.

2. There are two types of Akita Inu


Akita InuAkita Inu, a remarkable breed, is known for its distinctiveness, and one fascinating fact about them is the existence of two types: the Japanese typeand the American Inu. While they share the same ancestral bloodline, these two types have distinct characteristics that set them apart.

The Japanese Akita Inuis the original breed that has existed for centuries, deeply rooted in Japanese history and culture. It embodies the traditional traits and appearance that have made it iconic. On the other hand, the American Akita Inu, also known as the American Akita, is a relatively new breed that emerged through selective breeding in the United States.

The most notable difference between the Japanese Akita Inu and the American Akitais their appearance. The American Akita often features a “bear-like” face with a heavy bone structure, while the Japanese Akita Inu has a more “fox-like” resemblance. This divergence in appearance can be attributed to the intentional interbreeding carried out by American breeders over the years, aiming to create a larger and more imposing Akita Inu.

The distinct physical features of the American Akita Inu reflect the preferences and goals of American breeders. Their efforts were focused on producing a robust and visually striking Akita Inu, resulting in a breed that stands out from its Japanese counterparts.

While both types of Akita Inu share a common ancestry and possess similar traits like loyalty, courage, and intelligence, the differences in appearance make them easily distinguishable. Each type holds its own appeal and continues to captivate dog enthusiasts around the world.

3. It was first brought to the US by Hellen Keller

Akita Inu

Helen Keller, a widely admired figure, played a significant role in introducing the Akita Inu to the United States. As a fan of the breed, Keller became the first person to officially import an Akita Inu into the country. Her encounter with the Akita Inu took place during a visit to the Akita region of Japan, where the breed originates.

During her visit, Keller was immediately captivated by the Akita Inu‘s charm and personality. She was particularly moved by the story of Hachiko, an Akita Inu known for his unwavering loyalty to his deceased owner. Hachiko faithfully waited for his owner at a train station for ten years, becoming a symbol of loyalty and devotion.

Inspired by the Akita Inu‘s rich history and remarkable qualities, Keller received her first Akita Inu as a gift. She named him “Kenzan-Go” and brought him back to the United States in 1937. Keller’s introduction of the Akita Inu to the country paved the way for the breed’s recognition and popularity among dog enthusiasts in the United States.

Helen Keller’s role in bringing the Akita Inu to the United States is a testament to her love for animals and her appreciation for the breed’s unique characteristics. Her efforts not only introduced Americans to the Akita Inu but also contributed to the breed’s preservation and recognition on an international scale.

4. Its size is imposing

Akita Inu

These dogs are truly an awe-inspiring breed, and one of the reasons for this is its imposing size. As one of the largest Japanese dog breeds, the Akita Inu has a long history of being utilized as a guard dog, a role at which they excel. Males of this breed can easily weigh between 100 to 130 pounds, showcasing their substantial physical presence. Standing tall, their height typically ranges from 26 to 28 inches. Even the females, although relatively smaller, can reach an impressive height of 24 to 26 inches, with a weight of up to 100 pounds.

The remarkable size of these dogs contribute to their role as a formidable deterrent against intruders. Their imposing stature, coupled with their calm and composed demeanor, gives them a truly noble appearance. It is no wonder that they have a reputation for being excellent guard dogs, instilling a sense of security in their owners and deterring potential threats.

Beyond their role as protectors, the Akita Inus size adds to their overall appeal. They possess a commanding presence and exude an air of confidence that demands attention and respect. Their sleek and muscular build, combined with their noble expression, captures the attention of anyone in their presence.

While their size may be intimidating to some, it is important to note that the Akita Inu‘s temperament is typically calm and composed. They are known for their loyalty and devotion to their families, making them wonderful companions despite their imposing size.

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5. They can easily become aggressive

Akita Inu

One awesome fact about this breed is that they can easily become aggressive. When encountering this breed, their intimidating first impression is hard to miss. Akita Inu have a potential for aggression, particularly when someone invades their personal space. As large dogs bred for guarding nobility in feudal Japan, they possess a regal demeanor that is reflected in their behavior. However, with the right approach and respect, they can become loyal and cherished companions.

Unlike other dogs that display visible warning signs before an attack, Akita Inu may show no such signs. This aspect of their temperament is crucial for owners to be aware of in order to prevent accidents. It highlights the importance of responsible ownership and understanding the breed’s unique characteristics.

It is essential for potential Akita Inu owners to educate themselves about the breed’s predisposition towards aggression and take appropriate measures to manage and train their dogs. Early socialization and proper training are crucial in shaping their behavior and ensuring they grow into well-behaved and balanced individuals.

While their potential for aggression is a notable aspect, it is important to understand that not all Akita Inu will exhibit aggressive behavior. With responsible ownership, positive reinforcement training, and early socialization, their aggressive tendencies can be managed, and they can develop into well-adjusted and loving companions.

It is crucial for individuals considering an Akita Inu to assess their own experience and ability to handle a potentially dominant and strong-willed breed. Proper training, socialization, and consistent leadership are essential to ensuring a harmonious relationship with an Akita Inu.

6. They are mostly calm and composed

Akita Inu

One awesome fact about the Akita Inu is that they are mostly calm and composed. Despite their aggressive and intimidating temperament, Akitas have a naturally calm personality, making them an excellent breed to have as a household pet. They are typically wary of strangers and can switch to their aggressive side if they sense danger. However, in a peaceful and secure environment, they exhibit a calm and composed nature.

Proper training plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining the calm temperament of an Akita Inu. When their training and socialization are carried out in the right way, they learn to respond appropriately to different situations and display a balanced demeanor. This is why it is important for Akita Inu owners to invest time and effort in their training from a young age.

Despite their large and robust build, these dogs are not inherently active dogs. While their physical appearance may suggest otherwise, they do not require excessive exercise like some other breeds. However, it is still essential for Akita Inu owners to provide them with regular physical activity to maintain their overall health and physique. Engaging them in moderate exercise, such as daily walks or play sessions, not only keeps them physically fit but also helps to channel their energy in a positive way and prevent behavioral issues.

By providing a calm and stable environment, along with appropriate exercise and training, Akita Inu can thrive and showcase their balanced temperament. It is important for owners to understand their unique needs and characteristics to ensure a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with their Akita Inu companions. With the right care, these majestic dogs can bring joy, loyalty, and tranquility to their families.

7. They like to be in control

Akita Inu

One awesome fact about Akita Inu is that they have a strong desire to be in control. These dogs are incredibly loyal and enjoy following their owner’s commands, showcasing their high level of intelligence. However, their intelligence can sometimes make them stubborn and independent. They may have their own ideas and be challenging to redirect once they’ve made up their minds. While this behavior can be endearing, it’s important to address it and establish boundaries to avoid the dog perceiving itself as dominant.

Allowing an Akita Inu to assume a dominant role within the household can lead to undesirable consequences. Living in a household where the dog dominates can be problematic and potentially dangerous. Therefore, it is crucial to establish yourself as the pack leader through consistent training and positive reinforcement.

Interestingly, Akita Inu consider direct eye contact as a form of aggression. This is an important aspect to be mindful of during training and daily interactions. Proper socialization and training should address this sensitivity to eye contact to prevent any future anxieties or misunderstandings.

By providing firm yet positive leadership, setting clear boundaries, and engaging in consistent training, you can effectively manage the strong-willed nature of an Akita Inu. Building a strong bond based on trust, respect, and clear communication will help establish a harmonious relationship with your Akita Inu companion.

8. They do not like to share

Akita Inu

One awesome fact about Akita Inu is their reluctance to share. Unlike many other dog breeds that are generally open to sharing, Akita Inu have a strong preference for having things to themselves. This includes not only food but also their owner’s attention and affection. Their possessive nature extends to their owner, as they can become quite protective and territorial.

Because of their dominant personality, Akitas may not be the best fit for households that already have other pets, such as cats or small animals. They prefer to have their living space and resources to themselves and may not tolerate the presence of other animals well. It’s important to respect their boundaries and provide them with a suitable environment that meets their needs.

To manage their possessiveness, it is crucial to establish boundaries and teach them to respect personal space from an early age. Consistent training and socialization can help them learn to share and interact appropriately with other animals and people. By setting clear expectations and providing positive reinforcement, Akita puppies can learn to navigate their possessive tendencies and become more accepting of sharing.

It’s worth noting that this breed’s preference for independence and territoriality should be understood and managed responsibly. Respecting their need for personal space and avoiding situations that may trigger their possessive behavior will contribute to a harmonious living arrangement for both the Akita Inu and their owners.

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9. They are family dogs

Akita Inu

While they may belong to the guarding group, Akita Inu are highly versatile and can easily integrate into families. Despite their alpha dog instincts, they display remarkable tolerance towards playful children and enjoy engaging in energetic activities with them. They have a seemingly endless enthusiasm for jumping around and participating in family fun. Some Akita Inu even earn the esteemed status of being cherished cuddle buddies to their owners.

However, it’s important to note that there might be some initial challenges when adopting an Akita Inu as a family pet. They may require some time and training to adjust to their new environment and become comfortable with the family dynamics. Patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement are key when helping them adapt. Once they do, however, they prove to be exceptional family companions, bringing immense joy and loyalty to their human counterparts.

The bonding process between an Akita Inu and its family is truly special. These dogs have a unique ability to form deep connections and establish a strong sense of loyalty and devotion towards their loved ones. They are known for their affectionate nature and can develop a deep bond with each family member.

It’s important to provide proper socialization and training to ensure a harmonious relationship between the Akita Inu and the family. Teaching children how to interact respectfully with the dog and establishing clear boundaries for both parties is essential. With the right approach, an Akita Inu can become an integral part of the family, bringing love, joy, and a sense of security to everyone around them.

10. They love snow

Akita Inu

Originating from Akita, the coldest and mountainous prefecture of Honshu in Japan, these dogs are well adapted to cold environments. Over the years, they have developed a natural resistance to cold temperatures, and their large, webbed feet are evidence of their adaptation. Akita Inu thrive in low temperatures and are known to be more active and happier during the winter season. They absolutely enjoy playing in the snow.

The cold and snowy climate is where Akita Inu truly shine. Their thick coats and robust, muscular bodies make them well-suited for colder regions. The combination of their fur and physique provides them with the necessary insulation to withstand the cold weather. These dogs are built for snowy adventures and will happily frolic in the snow, showing off their agility and joyous spirit.

On the other hand, Akita Inu are not well-suited for places with above-average temperatures. Their thick coats make it challenging for them to tolerate prolonged exposure to heat. In fact, high temperatures can even lead to medical problems for these dogs. Therefore, it is not recommended to have an Akita Inu as a pet in locations with hot climates, such as southern California and Florida.

If you live in a cold climate or have access to snowy areas, an Akita Inu can be an ideal companion. Their love for snow and ability to thrive in cold environments make them excellent partners for winter activities, such as playing in the snow, hiking, or even pulling sleds. Just be sure to provide them with appropriate protection and shelter from extreme weather conditions to ensure their well-being and happiness.

In conclusion, the Akita Inu is a remarkable breed that captivates dog enthusiasts with its unique qualities and characteristics. From their rich history and loyalty to their imposing size and love for snow, there are countless reasons to admire and appreciate these majestic dogs. Whether it’s their calm temperament, protective nature, or their ability to become cherished family companions, the Akita Inu continues to leave a lasting impression and solidify its place as one of the most awe-inspiring breeds in the canine world.

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